Monday, March 13, 2017

Rainy Days at Disneyland

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Main Street

In January and February we got to see a lot of something we don't usually see much of in Southern California- rain! Although I usually like to bundle up at home and catch up on TV on rainy days, sometimes I like to go and splash around at Disneyland. There are some cons to going to Disneyland when it is raining such as some attractions being closed but it can be a lot of fun too especially when the rain keeps the big crowd away. The day of Rock the Dots was one of those days where the park felt emptier and I loved being there despite all the water!  We got some good photos on those rainy days.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Sleeping Beauty Castle

You may recognize this next photo and outfit from my Rock the Dots post.  That was one rainy day!

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Rock the Dots

The next photo gives you an idea on how much it was raining.  It looks like there's a lake of water behind us!

Rainy Days at Disneyland

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Fantasyland

 Merrily on my way to nowhere in particular in this weather!

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Mr. Toad's Wild Ride 

Went for a ride on the carousel!

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Carousel

Disney World deals with rain regularly and they do a good job making sure it's still a fun experience despite the weather.  Rain is more rare at Disneyland but I think they still manage to do a good job too making sure there are still characters you can meet, usually inside or under sheltered spots. We found Oswald inside the shops on Buena Vista Street and Minnie Mouse staying warm at Carthay Circle. 

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Characters

We watched Oswald when it was time for him to leave and saw that he had an entourage to help keep him dry!

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Oswald

We even got a photo with both Mickey and Minnie together with very little wait.  They were under a sheltered area on Main Street.

Rainy Days at Disneyland- Mickey and Minnie

If you want to see more of what Disneyland is like in the rain, watch the video at this link:

So despite the rain, we had some fun visits to Disneyland.  It's almost spring now and I'm looking forward to seeing if all those showers bring extra flowers!

Have a magical week!
Rainy Days at Disneyland - My World Showcase

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