Saturday, June 18, 2016

Finding Dory and Speak Like A Whale Day

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day

Finding Dory came out in theaters yesterday.  I was able to see an advance screening a week ago and I really enjoyed it!  It turned out that the day of the screening was also 'Speak Like a Whale Day' so we ended up having a very Dory themed day!

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day at Downtown Disney

When we arrived at Downtown Disney we saw that the stage was all decorated and they had performers walking around interacting with the crowd.

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day at Downtown Disney

There were several tables that had activities like coloring pages.  There were also buttons that were handed out at both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day

There were also some photo spots!

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day

After looking around, we got our wristbands for the advance screening.  It was for Annual Passholders but you had to register beforehand.  Unfortunately these screenings fill up quick but I was lucky enough to be online at the right time and was able to sign up right after it was announced.  I suggest following the Annual Passholders Facebook page and turning on notifications in order to try to sign up for future screenings!  

I wore a casual Dory inspired outfit and wore a little Nemo around my wrist.  I thought it was fun how all the posters outside the theater were Finding Dory!  

Finding Dory and Speak Like a Whale Day- Dory inspired outfit

I ended up really enjoying the film.  I thought it was cute and I liked the new characters.  If you go see the movie, make sure you stay through all the credits!  There's a funny short scene afterwards.

After the movie, I decided that I must add the Finding Dory tsums to my collection so I went shopping at World of Disney.  They are so cute!

Finding Dory Tsum Tsum  and Speak Like a Whale Day

There was lots of other Dory merchandise at the store too.  They matched my outfit well!

Finding Dory merchandise

It was a fun and fishy day and now I'm fluent in whale!  Thaaaaannnnkkkksss foooorrr reeeeading!


  1. I'm glad you liked the movie:) Looks like the day was a blast. I like the photo of you next to all the posters.

    1. Thanks! That photo was Jared's idea, hee hee. I didn't notice all the posters until he pointed it out. :) I hope you get to see the movie sometime- it was so cute!


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