Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Update

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello...

It's been a while since I've posted!  Spring has been a busy time for me both at home and at work.  April was a great month though that included possibly my favorite weekend getaway so far- Vancouver!  I can't wait until I finally have some time to sit down and write about the highlights from that trip. This month has been wonderful too but it seems my busy schedule has caught up to me because I managed to catch another bad cold.  Hopefully I can shake it off in time for our upcoming vacation!  For now here some photos from the last few weeks which I hope to eventually write about!




Had to sneak in a tsum tsum photo!  ;-)

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  1. Ahhh Storybrooke!!! I need to know what's going to happen on OUAT already hehe. I bet that botanical garden was breathtaking to walk through because the photo is so beautiful. I look forward to hearing more about Regal Con. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks! And me too! I want to see the next episode already! :D The garden was beautiful and a great place to take pictures. While we were there we kept running into a bride and groom who were getting their photos taken there- I bet their photos are gorgeous!

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  3. Hope at DisneylandMay 22, 2015 at 12:04 AM

    I loved the intro to this post because I love that song! :) You're like a butterfly now. We never know where you're going to end up so it'll be nice to read about your trip to "Storybrooke". That must've been cool and I appreciate your Emma-bound during that part of the trip. Also that garden looks so amazing! The pic where you're sitting - is that snow or flower petals? Either way it looks so whimsical! You're so lucky to be able to go to so many interesting places. Eion Bailey looks really cute in that pic from Regal Con. *heart eyes* Can't wait to read about that. I hope you feel better too. <3

    1. Thanks! I've started putting together my Storybrooke post so hopefully I'll get that posted later this week. :) In the picture I'm sitting in flower petals from cherry blossom trees.


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