Friday, April 10, 2015

A Merry Knott's Berry Farm Easter

A Merry Knott's Berry Farm Easter

At the end of March as an early Easter gift to ourselves we bought season passes to Knott's Berry Farm. Over the last couple years, we've gone to their Marketplace many times, stayed at their hotel, done their coaster run, but I personally had never gone inside as an actual park guest. We'd considered getting the pass before and decided to finally go for it.  We bought them just in time for their Boysenberry Festival!

We visited briefly before Easter to check out the offerings they had for the festival and to figure out what we'd like to do when we went back.  I couldn't resist and bought some Boysenberry Cotton Candy.  Yum!  There was a restaurant that we wanted to try so we made plans to have Easter brunch there.

Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm

Easter came around and I would say I didn't have my hopes up to meet the Easter Beagle but to be honest I really had my heart set on it!  Easter with the Easter Beagle?  Yes please!  We headed towards the Camp Snoopy area first and to my delight he was there AND there was no line!  We walked up to the Easter Beagle who was with Woodstock and I was one happy Peanuts fan! 

Easter Beagle at Knott's Berry Farm

The photo area they have in Camp Snoopy is really cute and colorful!  We also took a picture with Sally who was adorable in her dress.

Sally at Knott's Berry Farm on Easter

Lucy being clever as she is repurposed her booth for Easter by offering egg decorating in addition to her other services.  I took on a shift while I was there.  ;)

Lucy's egg decorating at Knott's Berry Farm on Easter

After that we headed over to the restaurant called Ghost Town Grill. Their outdoor seating seemed so pleasant and appealing plus the weather was great so we sat on the patio!  

Ghost Town Grill Patio Seating at Knott's Berry Farm

The menu had a good variety of options.  My husband got the Chef's Special which that day was a yummy looking omelet that came with hashbrowns and a muffin and I tried the beef brisket sandwich.  Considering it was theme park food- I was impressed!  The brisket had so much flavor- it was delicious.  We also got the boysenberry wine and the boysenberry beer!

Ghost Town Grill Menu plus Boysenberry Wine

After that we headed over to the Wine and Craft Brew Garden.  It was around $19 to get a tasting card to try 6 beverages and it came with a plate of food to pair them with.  We were stuffed so we decided to just split one.  Luckily we did because that was plenty!  We tried some interesting wines- the one that I liked the best was the Chocolate Shop- Chocolate Strawberry wine.  It literally tasted like a chocolate strawberry!  My husband's favorite was the Stag's Leap Chardonnay.

Wine and Craft Brew tasting at Knott's Berry Farm

After that we had to get going.  After stopping for Boysenberry coffee (the BEST) and a couple Snoopy cupcakes we headed home.  I look forward to more fun at Knott's Berry Farm in the future. We're excited to be a part of the Knott's BEARy family this year! 

Knott's Beary Family


  1. I think our Coaster Run discount coupons expired, but we had meant to try out the park since we had never been there outside of the Haunted thing they have. The Boysenberry festival sounds yummy! Also great idea about going halfsies on the tastings. That was a really generous plate. Disney take note about giving out more food for less money! ;)

    1. I haven't been to Scary Farm yet- not sure I'm brave enough! haha. We did feel like we got more for our money - both at the tastings and even at lunch! We probably could've split a meal at lunch and still have been full! It was all pretty yummy too! :)

  2. That sounds like the perfect day! That photo from the patio is so pretty. What is Coaster run? Glad you got the pass it sounds like such a nice place to frequent!

    1. The Coaster Run is a 5k and 10k that they host at Knott's Berry Farm. It's a lot of fun because you get to run through the theme park. :) And you even get boysenberry pie at the end! :)

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