Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Where to Find Beer at Disney California Adventure- Updated!

Where to Find Beer at Disney California Adventure

Last year for St. Patrick's Day I put together a list of places to buy a beer at Disney California Adventure!  I updated the list and am sharing it again below!

*Note- Tower of Terror does not sell beer but is a good place to take a picture of it.  ;)  If your elevator ever makes it up to the Tip Top Club though I imagine you'd find some there. 

Places to grab a beer at DCA:

Taste Pilot's Grill Currently Closed- will reopen as Smokejumpers Grill.  This restaurant is next to Soarin' Over California and used to have burgers and more and beer.  We'll see what's on the menu when it reopens! 

Taste Pilots Grill

Cove Bar- Located at the back of Ariel's Grotto, this spot has a great view of the lagoon at Paradise Pier.  There's a pretty good selection of appetizers and drinks here that include beer of course!

Cove Bar

Golden Vine Winery- The area surrounding the Wine Country Trattoria Restaurant has a few places you can buy wine or beer.  You can get wine/beer with your food at the restaurant as well if you are in the mood for a sit down meal.

Wine Country Trattoria

Alfresco Tasting Terrace has a great selection of wine now but if you want beer, check out Sonoma Terrace, which is to the left of the restaurant, and has a good selection of California beer to pick from.

Sonoma Terrace

There's also a bar, Mendocino Terrace, underneath Alfresco Tasting Terrace that sells wine and beer as well.  This whole area around Wine Country Trattoria is one of my favorite places in the park because it's usually a nice quiet spot to escape the crowds.

Paradise Pier:  Paradise Garden Grill/Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta, Bayside Brews- At the back corner of Paradise Pier near Goofy's Sky School you can find a couple food options where they also sell beer.

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

Karl Strauss Truck- I'm not sure of the official name of this spot but I call it the Karl Strauss Truck. It is located in the Pacific Wharf in the dining area by Boudin's Bakery Tour and The Lucky Fortune Cookery.  Here they have a selection of Karl Strauss beers that you can purchase.

Karl Strauss Truck

The Lucky Fortune Cookery-  This is a great place to get a hot bowl of food!  They have a Japanese beer called Sapporo if you're looking for something new to try.

Carthay Circle Lounge- Carthay Circle Restaurant has a lounge that serves some amazing cocktails, wine, and beer.

Carthay Circle Lounge

If you're there on St. Patrick's Day, check out the Irish Whiskey flight they have on their bar menu.

Irish Whiskey at Carthay Circle Lounge
Freeze the Night (formally Mad T Party which is returning in May)-  You can stop by one of the Freeze the Night bars for a beer or one of their other specialty cocktails!

Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land - they've got a selection of food and you can get beer or wine to go with it!
Flo's V8 Cafe

That wraps up this year's list of places to grab a beer around Disney California Adventure!  I'll continue to update this list as I find and/or remember more!  If you don't have a ticket to the park, you can also head to Downtown Disney which has several places as well!
I hope you all have a happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I really like the area around Wine Country Trattoria too. What's in that building behind/beside it now? Last time I was there couple years ago it was the Cars Land drawings etc. Sorry random:P luv Carthay Circle

    1. Good memory! :) Yes that building is still there- it's called the Blue Sky Cellar. Currently it's closed for enhancements. I'm not sure what's going in there next- I had thought that maybe they would put plans and art/photos in there for the Disneyland 60th but so far still closed! :(

  2. It's all the same beer though right? It's not like Epcot where there are specialty beers at each pavilion. I hadn't noticed that Irish Whiskey flight before. That sounds good! Have you tried that?

    1. EPCOT probably has more since they have different options at the pavilions (and even more during food and wine festival!) DCA does have some variety though- some that i can remember are the selection California beer at Sonoma Terrace, Sapporo at Lucky Fortune Cookery, Racer 5 IPA at some places like Flo's and Carthay, Karl Strauss at the truck. :) I shared the whiskey flight with Jared once a while back- it was fun to try! :)

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