Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tsum Tsum Tuesday

A Suitcase of Tsum Tsums!

Last summer I became addicted to Tsum Tsums! I started playing the game and got some of my family hooked on it too! I also started buying the adorable plush and since then my collection has gotten pretty big.  I love the small tsums because they are the perfect size for traveling.  I usually keep one in my purse so I can take their photos in fun places!

I share those photos on Instagram on Tuesdays with the hashtag #tsumtsumtuesday. The Disney Store uses it too but I like to think that I and the one other person who originally had photos under that hashtag inspired them, haha! (just kidding ;-) ).  I do love seeing so much tsum tsum love because it hopefully means they'll continue to come out with new ones!

I decided to start posting photos of them here too because one can never get enough tsum tsums!   

The top photo is one of my favorites I've shared and is from last October.  In it, my Tsum Tsums (and Duffy) get ready for a trip to Disney World!

Here are a couple more!

Donald and Daisy Tsum Tsums
Donald and Daisy visit the Rose Court Garden

King of Hearts Tsum Tsum in Las Vegas
King of Hearts Tsum finds the Queen of Hearts in Vegas

Be sure to check my Instagram or Twitter for another Tsum Tsum photo that I'll be posting today.  I hope the tsum tsum cuteness brightens your week!


  1. I usually don't play games on my phone but I luv this one:) I think the Tsum Tsums are the cutest. I have mine on a shelf and they make me smile when I see them:)

    1. Me too! I'm usually very impatient with games but this one keeps me entertained! I like that you have yours on a shelf! :)

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  3. So cute! I actually only own one big Tsum Tsum (Marie) , but never got around to getting the smaller ones. We just have so many plushes that I had to exercise retraint on collecting these. The best I did was take pics of the ones I would own. lol


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