Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Golden Mickeys on the Disney Wonder

Golden Mickeys on the Disney Wonder

Happy Oscar Sunday! When we went on our Disney Cruise last year, we went to The Golden Mickeys. All the Oscar buzz reminds me of that fun night so I thought what better day to look back and share photos from it!

The Golden Mickeys is a musical show you can watch aboard some of the Disney Cruises. We were on the Disney Wonder and it took place on our first night on the ship. The musical plays out like an award show during which different Disney characters get prizes for various categories. The prize is a shiny Golden Mickey statue. 

It takes place in the Walt Disney Theatre. The hallway to the theater is quite glamorous- it's hard to believe you're on a boat! You get to walk down the red carpet to get to the show.

Walt Disney Theatre hallway

The banners have the Golden Mickey on them.

Golden Mickey banner

In addition to the show, our meal was Golden Mickeys themed. Our dinner on our schedule was in the Animator's Palate that night so our Golden Mickeys meal took place there.  I thought the dessert menus looked so cute!

Golden Mickeys Dessert Menu

Inside the Golden Mickeys Dessert Menu

The desserts all looked so good that I ordered two- the Golden Chocolate Award and the Lavender Infused Crème Brûlée. Delicious!

Golden Mickey Desserts

It was a wonderful evening!   Cruise director Mickey does a great job making sure you feel like a star on his ship!

Cruise Mickey and Minnie

 I hope everyone has a glamorous Oscar Sunday! 


  1. Perfect blog post for today:) Yumm those desserts, I would've ordered both too haha. Disney is so good about details that theater entrance is amazing. Would love to hear more about your cruise. Are you going to do any this year?

    1. The desserts were so good! I want to have that lavender creme brulee again! I need to write more about the cruise! I'll try to do another post about it soon. :) We don't have any plans to do another cruise this year although we do keep looking at it!

  2. How cute! I had seen this mentioned before but wasn't sure what it was.

    1. It was fun! It was cute to see Disney characters in an award type show. :)


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