Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello February

Heart Donut

It's February, can you believe it? It feels like January flew by. January was a great month that included family, a Sherlock party, and adventures to Arendelle and Portland (more on that to come soon)!

I used to not be a big fan of February mostly due to Valentine's Day. I was like the Scrooge of Valentine's because I think it tends to make people feel lonely. Over the last few years though I've tried to look at it more positively and now the month of February is one I actually kind of look forward to.

There's a three day weekend in there and usually we use it to go on an adventure! Last year we spent it in Chicago and I ate heart-shaped Giordano's pizza and heart-shaped Dunkin' Donuts. Heart-shaped food = deliciousness.

Heart-shaped Chicago Pizza

So I thought I'd start the month off by listing things I like about February!

  • <3 heart-shaped food
  • <3 sprinkles
  • <3 Holiday Weekend
  • <3 Sending valentines to family and friends (my goal this month!)
  • <3 Groundhog Day
  • <3 pink and red nail polish
  • <3 heart nail art
  • <3 teddy bears
  • <3 sometimes it includes an extra day!
  • <3 that it's the hard to spell - Febuary.. I mean February :P
  • <3 pink champagne and wine (but that's every month)
  • <3 the assorted boxes of Valentines that they sell at stores for kids to give out at school.  I often end up buying one even though I don't need it!

What do you like about February?  Feel free to add to the list in the comments!


  1. January did go by really fast. I like heart shaped things this month too, but don't like that Valentine's is skewed so strongly toward romantic love. For the longest time for me it was all about family love so that's what I see it as. :) I also like the Valentine's section at stores like Target because I like the displays and the d├ęcor on the boxes of treats and cards. To add to your list, I like February because I'll get a gift and it's half way to my b-day. :D

    1. I agree- I think it should be more about all love too and not just romance. Now that I think about it I think I started liking Valentine's Day more after the year we spent it with my family! :) February means my b-day is getting closer too! hmm.. maybe I should start making a bday list. ;)

  2. That pizza looks amazing haha. That's cool you listed positives in this month. I like the boxes of Valentines for kids too. I saw one with minions the other day that was so cute. I like February because the new month is a fresh start to refocus on goals. I get overzealous with resolutions in the beginning of January and fall off track. February can be a month of self-love too and allows me clear perspective of what I truly want for myself out of the new year. Oh and I love heart nail art too:)

    1. The Minion valentines sound cute! I'll have to look for that one! :) I love what you said about February- I think it's a good time to refocus too. It should definitely be a month of self love- I think it's a type of love that is often forgotten about. We should all treat ourselves this month! :)


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