Friday, January 30, 2015

Dream Fastpass- The Best Super Bowl Sunday Ever

Dream Fastpass- the best Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is this weekend and although I don't have much interest in watching the game, it still makes me smile. This is because when I think of the Super Bowl I think of the best Super Bowl Sunday ever- the day I got a Disneyland Dream Fastpass!

It was during the "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion at the Disney parks.  During this period there was a small chance that you could get a fun prize while visiting. There were amazing prizes like a night at the Disneyland Dream Suite and smaller ones like free merchandise.  Another one of the possible prizes was the Disneyland Dream Fastpass which had a tab you could use for each Fastpass ride at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and we were on our way to Disneyland because we thought that maybe the park would be less crowded since everyone would be at home watching the game.  As we got closer to the park we saw right away that this was a myth because it took forever to get in.  Disneyland was still crowded as ever so we were disappointed but as we were walking into Adventureland a Cast Member handed each person in my group a Dream Fastpass! It was beautiful!

Close up of the Disneyland Dream Fastpass

We were so happy because even though the park was crowded we were going to get a lot of rides in!

It was sort of funny because at this time in 2007 there were still two rides that I had never been on, Tower of Terror and California Screamin'.  I'm not a fan of big drops so I'd still been working up the nerve to go on them.  There were tabs for both of these rides so I decided that it was the day to finally ride them both!  I ended up enjoying both rides and love that the first time I went on them was on this special day!  We used every single tab and had a great time!

The Sunday we got our Dream Fastpasses was one of my favorite days at the Disneyland Resort. Even though I don't like football I don't mind when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around because I get to remember that day!  :)

Meeko on our Dream Fastpass day

Wishing you all a magical weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh that is so neat! That's awesome that you went for it and tried both the Tower and California Screamin. It sounds like such a special memory:) I'm glad that that cast member spotted you:D

    1. It is fun to reminisce about that day! I always wanted to write about it and am glad I finally did. I always think it's funny that the Dream Fastpass was the push that got me to go on those rides. :)

  2. I still have a few of those dream passes with tabs that I never used. I just don't have your nerve, but what a great memory to make that day for you since you got that fun surprise and rode those rides for the first time! :D Also, hello blondie. ;)

    1. hehe- the good old blonde days! ;) I still get nervous when I go on those rides no matter how many times I go on them! I understanding skipping them!


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