Thursday, June 12, 2014

Disneyland Soccer Shirts

Disneyland Soccer Shirts

The World Cup starts today so to celebrate I'm sharing photos of soccer shirts I saw at the World of Disney store in Disneyland's Downtown Disney.  I believe they may be at a couple other stores in the parks as well. 

I really like how these shirts are somewhat subtle.  They also don't seem to be team specific so if you're rooting for more than one team like me- they're perfect.   Or you could pick one that is similar to your team's colors!

Red Disneyland Soccer Shirt

Disneyland Soccer Shirt

Disneyland Soccer Shirt

Yellow Disneyland Soccer Shirt

For those that aren't close to Disneyland, you can actually find similar shirts on the Disney store website online.  The designs are the same but it says Disney World instead of Disneyland.  Here's the link to those:
Disney World Soccer Shirts on Disney Store website

I'm not that familiar with soccer but over the last couple years my husband and I started to follow it more so we'll probably watch a few of the World Cup games.  Will you be watching any of the games?  Who are you rooting for?

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  1. I like to listen on what's going on, but I'm not rooting for any specific team. These are really nice. I like the grey one most.


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