Monday, March 3, 2014

Dapper Day Spring 2014 Recap- Part 2

Dapper Day Spring 2014 Recap

At the end of Part 1 of my recap, I had just left the Dapper Day Boutique at the Grand Californian.  From there I headed over to Disneyland with my friend Hope and her husband. We were going to meet back up with more friends there so we found a spot near the flagpole and waited.

While we were waiting, someone from the Disney Style Blog approached us to see if we'd participate in an interview.  We said yes so they filmed us while they asked us about Dapper Day.  I also told them about my Orange Bird inspired outfit.  Very exciting!

Dapper Day Spring 2014 Recap
Getting ready for our close up ;)

Dapper Day Spring 2014 Recap
Smiling for the camera!

Disney Style actually posted the video on their blog last Friday and I was happy to see that some of the footage of us was used!  I'll share the video at the end of this post!

It was getting close to 2pm after that so some of us walked towards the Mark Twain since it was the meetup time for Dapper Day fans to queue up to ride the steamboat.  There were a LOT of people waiting in line for it but for me the fun part is seeing everyone all dressed up so I decided to just watch and take pictures.

Mark Twain at Dapper Day Spring 2014

Mark Twain at Dapper Day 2014

The poor Columbia ship looked very bare in comparison.

Columbia ship at Dapper Day Spring 2014

My friend Becca and I wandered around the area admiring everyone's outfits.

These girls dressed like teacups were some of our favorites!

Outfits at Dapper Day 2014

I ran into Phyllis Herman!

Phyllis Herman at Dapper Day Spring 2014

I was excited to see someone dressed as the 10th Doctor!  I was one happy Whovian!

10th Doctor at Dapper Day Spring 2014
With @TheDoctor_Tennant. Allons-y!

After that my friends parted ways and I headed towards Main Street to try to find my husband and his brother who were going to meet me there.  On my way I spotted an upside down Fastpass on the ground.  It was a bit dirty and stepped on but I picked it up anyway and was thrilled to find that it was an Indiana Jones Fastpass that I could use in just a couple minutes!  I felt bad for whoever dropped it but didn't see them around so I texted the hubby that I'd meet him after and headed over towards the ride.

Fastpass at Dapper Day 2014

I hadn't been on Indiana Jones since they'd refurbished it so I was pretty excited to go on it! It didn't seem like they had a Single Rider line so I was happy I had the Fastpass.  The line wasn't as quick as it usually is but it was a lot shorter than the standby line so I was satisfied.  I took the wait time as an opportunity to take a bunch of selfies while walking through the themed queue.

Indiana Jones Ride at Dapper Day 2014

After Indiana Jones, I found my hubby by Tarzan Treehouse and was delighted to find that he was wearing his Orange Bird shirt to match my outfit!

Orange Bird Shirt and Outfit

We walked over to Innoventions and I noticed the stand near the Matterhorn was selling these stylish looking hats!  Coincidence?

hats at Dapper Day

At this point it was almost 4pm so I decided to head towards the castle and check out the DisneyBound meetup.  The group of people was huge and I doubt you can find me in the group picture they took but it was awesome to see so many Disney inspired outfits in one place!

DisneyBound Meetup at Dapper Day 2014
I thought that Jane's outfit was amazing!

Once that was done, my hubby, brother-in-law, and I all headed towards Trader Sams for some yummy refreshments!  I like to think that the Rosita's Margarita went together with my Orange Bird outfit. 

Trader Sams on Dapper Day
Does this drink make my dress look orange?

Also Trader Sams is the one place around Disneyland that you can spot Orange Bird!  He's hidden inside the bar.  He's always a cheerful sight to see!

Orange Bird at Trader Sams

After that, we grabbed some Earl of Sandwich to go and headed home!

That concludes the recap of my experience at Dapper Day this spring.  It really was a great day!  I think this may have been my favorite Dapper Day yet!

Here's the Disney Style video that you can find me in!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun day! I'm glad you and your friends were on the video and that they showed your nails. The teacup dresses are pretty. That is cool there was a DisneyBound meetup. How is that arranged? Orange Bird looks so cute up there.

    1. I agree- those teacup dresses are so pretty and creative too! I read about the DisneyBound meetup on the tumblr website- . I think the creator, Leslie, usually goes but wasn't able to this time. She still announced it on the site though and I think some friends of hers organized it. :) I think there's actually a Disneybound Facebook group too!

  2. Lots of cute outfits this year, yours included of course. It was fun to be asked to be in the video and I'm glad they were able to use a little bit of us in there.


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