Monday, February 6, 2012

Dapper Day 2012

Dapper Dans on Dapper Day 2012

Yesterday I checked out Dapper Day at Disneyland!   It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up in their finest!  Dapper Day isn't organized by Disney but I was happy to find that that the Cast Members seem to know all about it!  When I went through the bag check I was told I looked very "dapper!"  Plus the Dapper Dans seemed to be out and about Main Street a lot more than usual! When I walked in they were taking photos with people who were there for Dapper Day!  I was excited to get one too!

Dapper Day had a schedule of places and times to meet up throughout the day.  I headed to the first item on the schedule that I was most excited about, the Mark Twain Steamboat.  It was so much fun to see the steamboat full of people dressed up!  It was like stepping back in time!  

Mark Twain Steamboat - Dapper Day

Mark Twain Steamboat - Dapper Day
The little girl and her mom in the yellow were an adorable pair!

Mark Twain Steamboat - Dapper Day

Mark Twain Steamboat - Dapper Day

An unusually long line for the Mark Twain!

Line at Mark Twain Steamboat- Dapper Day

After stopping by the Mark Twain, I went around and took a few photos around the park!

Posing for photos at Dapper Day

You can see my husband's shadow in this photo.  He was wearing a very dapper hat!

Posing for photos at Dapper Day

The greatest part of the day was seeing how creative everyone got with their outfits!  Make sure to check out Dapper Day's website,,  and their Facebook page to see all the awesome photos!


  1. Looks fun! So sad I couldn't go.

  2. I'm with Mindy. We had plans to go, until my husband found out it was also Super Bowl Sunday. (Boo!) We hear there's another event in the Fall, so maybe we can all go to that? :)

    Thanks for sharing your pics Neri! I love seeing everyone dressed up at Disneyland and I think it's so cool that you got a picture with the Dapper Dans. They're usually performing so I've never seen them stop for pictures.

    1. I spent the whole week convinced that Dapper Day was on Saturday because I didn't think it'd be on Super Bowl Sunday! Luckily Jared pointed out the correct date to me on Friday!

      I'd be up for going the fall! I think it'd be fun to get a small group to go together. :)

  3. Well even if they don't have an "official" event, I still think it would be fun to go to Disneyland all dressed up with friends! Let's make it happen! ;)


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