Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival 2010

So it's finally the time I know you've all been waiting for!  It's time to talk about food and wine! This past weekend, I went to California Adventure to check out the Food and Wine Festival.  I took lots of pictures so I'll be breaking this up into a few entries that I'll be posting throughout the week.  So let's get started!

As you enter California Adventure, you'll notice that the park is decorated for the festival and that the California tunes they usually have playing has been changed to instrumental music.

Near the main entrance to the park you'll also notice their new spot for the Festival Welcome Center.  Here you can get information and schedules for the festival.

Past the Welcome Center. you will find the Chef Showcase stage in Sunshine Plaza. This is where there are culinary demonstrations by different chefs including some celebrities from cooking shows. This chef was from Boudin Bakery.

Throughout the park they have Festival Wine Walks and a Beer Walk where for $10 (per Walk), you can sample wines from different regions or a variety of beers.

Over by the Mission Tortilla Factory, they even have Olive Oil tasting which seems to be free. 

In the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, there are several Festival spots such as this Belgian Brewers Collection stand where you can buy beer.


Nearby, next to the Monsters Inc. ride, are where the Festival's Junior Chef activities are held.  This is where children ages 11 and under can have a chance to learn about cooking.  Chef Goofy is there too!

The Backlot is also home to the Festival Showplace which is located in Stage 12 which isn't usually open to the public. Here you can attend wine seminars, visit the Taste of California Marketplace, have a drink at the Star Lounge, and shop at the Festival Gift Shop.  My next post will feature pictures from the Festival Showplace.

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